Make The Most Of Your Time At Home By Finally Learning To Invert Correctly

If you’ve been using your time away from jiu-jitsu to learn new skills, ask yourself which of your jiu-jitsu skills you could practice (or learn for the first time) so that you can come back to the gym with a whole new weapon in your BJJ arsenal.

If you’ve struggled to invert because of a lack of flexibility, practice, or experience, now’s the time to nail this position away from the judgmental eyes of all those bendy teammates who practically sleep upside-down. In this video, ADCC veteran Alec Baulding demonstrates some solo drills that you can practice at home (yes, even without mats) even if you’ve never even tried to invert before.

Whether it’s your first time ever inverting or you just want to practice your inversions while away from the gym, check out the clip below to get back to the basics:


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