Make Your Opponents Fear For Their Shoulders With This Savage Kimura From F2W Pro’s Seth Daniels

Part two of “Seth Daniels’ Only Four Moves” is out, and it’s just as awesome as his twister instructional.

The Fight to Win Pro CEO has used this kimura to finish off a lot of opponents, so the results speak for themselves. But if that’s not enough, take it from me — I’ve been on the receiving end of one of his kimuras, and it is the exact opposite of fun.

Check out Daniels’ tutorial (as demonstrated on fellow Team No Sleep member and brown belt Troy Everett) and see how much your own kimuras can improve with these details. Again, be advised this video contains language that you might not want blasted at full volume while you’re waiting at the DMV.

Part 2 of my only 4 moves video series features my Kimura/Armbar/Wristlock. If you have ever trained or competed with me I have submitted you with this. If I didn't its cuz I was injured that day. If you watch this I guarantee you will learn something new about Jiu Jitsu and maybe a lil something about yourself! Please Share!

Posted by Seth Daniels on Monday, May 21, 2018


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