Monkeying Around: Primative Exercise Can Fix Shoulder Pain In Fighters

Shoulder pain and combat sports just go hand in hand at some point in a fighter’s career. For some, they eventually shy away from the gym due to the persistent nature of long-lasting shoulder pain and most are told by their trainers that rest may be the only solution. However, prominent orthopedic surgeon, John M. Kirsch, M.D., says that steering clear of the gym may be the worse thing that you can do.

According to Dr. Kirsch, exercise cures 99% of shoulder pain that is acquired in combat sports training. His theory? Evolution. Kirsch calls man the “fifth great ape” and notes that changes over millions of years has rid man of his need to brachiate, or swing, from trees. Rebuilding these muscles through hanging or partially hanging exercises preformed with a pull-up bar can nix pain without the need for surgery or medications. With 80% of Americans living with shoulder pain, maybe we would all be better off if we monkeyed around a little more.


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