New To The Gi? Start Here To Learn How To Use The Collar-Sleeve Guard From Scratch

Whether you’re entirely new to jiu-jitsu or are just trying out the gi for the first time after getting used to no-gi or wrestling, you may be confused as to how to use the uniform’s jacket to your advantage. Knowing how to use the lapels and sleeves of the gi is crucial to becoming adept in rolling in it, and the collar-sleeve guard is a big step forward in understanding how to use the gi to your advantage.

In this video, ADCC veteran Alec Baulding provides a beginner-friendly introduction to the collar-sleeve guard. Whether you’re experienced on the mats or gi jiu-jitsu is your first experience with jiu-jitsu, this lesson can help you on your way to mastering the use of the gi. Take a look:


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