The ‘Old School’ Closed Guard

The closed guard is not seen often in modern IBJJF competitions, but it remains a strong position for those who know how to use it.┬áHelio Gracie loved the closed guard, and he’s as old school as you can get.

Ralph Gracie’s philosophy is that we should not just play open guard; we should make our opponents open our legs so they risk exposing themselves for a sweep or submission.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the strongest techniques from the closed guard.

3 Traps From Closed Guard

Wrapping the arm (aka overhook guard) is a strong control position and has some great attack combinations.

3 Closed Guard Sweeps: Scissor, Xande, And Flower Sweep

Your primary strategy from closed guard should be to sweep and get to the top position. Here are three of the most effective sweeps you can try.

Cross Grip Closed Guard Attacks

A favorite strategy of Roger Gracie is to get a strong grip and cross his opponent’s arm over the center line of his body. Check out the options from this position.

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