The Origins Of Justin Rader’s Decapi-Rader

In this video, Justin Rader breaks down the origins of his infamous Decapi-Rader.

We had a student who was really, really tough to choke a while back, and so I started trying to find ways with legal choke holds like D’arce’s and guillotines and anaconda chokes to try to neck crank him. Those are legal holds that I can put on and make a neck crank out of so I kind of just developed this one for the north-south choke and when they start to turn away I shot my hooks in and it looks like a guillotine, so it’s still a legal hold, and so it’s choking as well as kind of really arching the neck. And I showed it to Rafael [Lovato Jr., Rader’s instructor] afterwards and I was like, ‘So what do you think about this?’ I really never seen it really been done before, so I just started calling it the Decapi-Rader, and that’s just kind of what we call it.

Justin Rader will be in action tonight when he and Garry Tonon headline Fight To Win Pro 28 in a submission-only no-gi match.

Justin Rader breaks down the origins of his brutal Decapi-Rader submission.

Posted by FloGrappling on Friday, March 24, 2017


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