Polaris Offers Up A Grappling Match For Dillon Danis & Ben Askren

Image Source: Dillon Danis and Ben Askren via Instagram

Polaris has come up with some awesome matches since its inception (some of which can be seen on Friday at Polaris 9), and their latest proposal has BJJ fans seriously excited.

A couple of days ago, the promotion tweeted out a match offer to BJJ black belt and IBJJF No-Gi Pans champion Dillon Danis and 19-0 MMA fighter Ben Askren.

The two athletes have had an ongoing beef for a while, with each of them finding seemingly every opportunity to take jabs at each other.

Both Danis and Askren are notorious trash-talkers, but to deny their skills as martial artists would be a mistake. Danis is an accomplished grappler and had particularly great success as a brown belt, where he won gold at both gi and no-gi Worlds and gi and no-gi Pans. Most of Askren’s success in the martial arts world has been in MMA, but he also won a match at ADCC in 2009. His claim of being a “self-proclaimed” black belt, however, has been the target of some raised eyebrows in the jiu-jitsu community.

Danis, at least, has retweeted Polaris’ offer, which seems to imply he’s interested. What would you think about this matchup?


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