Renzo Gracie: “Chris Weidman is very tough and his jiu-jitsu skills are beautiful”

Chris Weidman was awarded his Brazilian black belt just 20 days before his title defense against Vitor Belfort. Weidman’s teachers were Renzo Gracie and Matt Serra. Renzo Gracie told Revista Combate translated by bloodyelbow . He stated Chris is very tough and his jiu-jitsu skills are beautiful.

After Renzo and Matt gave Chris his black belt, Renzo spoke on behalf of Chris Weidman. He was asked about how Renzo feels about his fans in Brazil. Renzo says Chris loves all of his fans, and he even loves the fans that do not like him. Renzo was talking about Vitor’s very large fan base in Brazil.

When the show host jokingly stated Vitor would win the fight, Chris had a very interesting response. He replied by saying, “I know what waits for me, and I will be there to find it.”

Chris is scheduled to go against Vitor Belfort at UFC 187, which will take place in Las Vegas on May 23, 2015. The fight will be the co-main event. Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier are the headliners of the fight. They will go against each other and compete for the vacant light heavy-weight title.


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