The Last Guy Who Beat Conor McGregor Is A Step Closer For A Rematch

Duffy is reportedly not shying away from a rematch with Conor McGregor to prove to fans that his victory was not a stroke of luck.
Ireland’s Duffy forced McGregor to submit during a 2010 bout.
But before Duffy and McGregor meet again, Duffy will have to fight Ivan Jorge at the UFC Fight Night 72 in Scotland. Duffy reportedly announced the fight with Ivan Jorge on social networking site Facebook.
McGregor is also keen on avenging his loss to Duffy and that he would want the fight “if [that] fight presents itself.” Duffy is the last fighter to beat McGregor. There is talk that fighting in a soccer stadium would be a great way to finally settle the score between the rivals.
While Duffy is open for a rematch, he mentioned to the media that the fight is “not a priority” and added that fans are hoping for such an event because “Conor is doing so well.”
Conor McGregor is a mixed martial artist who fights in the UFC’s featherweight division.
Joe Duffy made a name for himself when he stopped Jake Lindsey on his tracks in the first round. The fight with Lindsey was held in Dallas, Texas.


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