Roll Into This Hollywood Armbar Like One of Marvel’s Avengers

Raise your hand if you started training even a little because of something you saw Frank Grillo do in The Avengers, either brother do in Warrior, or Jason Statham do in Homefront. This armbar is for you. (Neeeerds!)

Okay, so…look, tried and true armbar technique where you mindfully and isolate and then hyperextend the joint is going to serve 90% of all practitioners better than any fancy rolling guard grab submissions. (Unless you’re a next level evil monkey trying to execute this one during NAGA is probably going to end in public humiliation.) But training to be a superhero without storing at least a few showy superhero moves in your arsenal is counter to training to be a superhero. So save the comments about practicality and tap into your inner Captain America with this sexy armbar from Haifa’s Timura BJJ. It looks and feels so right.

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Rolling armbar from guard I know.. I know you can take the simpler path of going for the reverse armbar. It's safer and simpler. You can go for the Kimura, Reverse Kimura, Omoplata, back take, gift wrap. I know, they are all simpler. Why did I choose one of the more complex paths from this position? Because it's FUN! I implore you! Have fun! Yes, BJJ is a practical martial art, a method of self defense, a tough competitive sport.. But it's also fun! Don't forget to explore, to dare, to test your limits, to think outside the box, to enjoy your journey, not only the journey's fruits. HAVE FUN! . #bjj #fun #grappling #nogi #wrestling #judo #mma #jiujitsu #armbar #guard #adcc #ibjjf #martialarts #graciejiujitsu #bjjlife #timurabjj

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