Self-Defense Tactics Every Woman Should Know

YouTube star and comedian Lilly Singh considers herself a boss. As she brings on Eve Torres Gracie to her web show A Little Late With Lilly Singh, the two discuss critical yet simple concepts and techniques that represent lines of defense that a woman can have to keep herself protected when walking alone.

As Eve explains concepts such as the principles of framing, the trap and roll escape, and wrist release strategies, the charismatic Canadian Singh visibly can not hold back her excitement in this episode ripe with levity.

The main key in crafting an effective self-defensive awareness is boundary setting, whether it be visual, verbal, or physical. A woman who looks alert and has a confident stance and walk stands out as less of a target than a woman who pretends to be distracted by her phone. Lilly admitted that if she were being followed, her first reaction would be to pull out her phone herself, but becomes aghast at the realization that situational awareness with these simple tips can pay dividends.

Verbal boundaries are a primary layer of self-defense that a woman can employ, a strategy that oft goes overlooked.

Eve states, “So many women from a very young age were taught to prioritize someone else’s feelings over their own sense of comfort and safety.”

“We don’t want to offend somebody, we don’t want to make them feel bad.”

Singh retorts, “We don’t want to trend on twitter.”

After a spirited jiu-jitsu discussion, the two put the lessons to the test. Rener, Eve’s husband, plays the part of a fake assailant and attempts to abduct Lilly. Luckily for Lilly, her self-defense moves are just enough for her to overcome the challenge that comes her way.

Eve admits that Lilly is a confident woman with many boss-like qualities, she is more than happy to do her part to add some techniques and mindset to Lilly’s arsenal to back up that confidence.

Check out the hilarious and educational episode below:


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