Shaquille O’Neal Gets Challenged To A BJJ Roll By Adaptive Grappler & Army Veteran

Shaquille O’Neal is one of basketball’s most famous athletes, but he’s also been known to hit the mats as well. We’ve seen Shaq grappling with UFC veteran Forrest Griffin, and he recently visited a martial arts academy to do some rolling as well.

The segment was filmed for the athlete’s show on TNT called Shaq Life, which follows the “behind-the-scenes” life of O’Neal, including his training for what the show describes as an “MMA grappling match.” In the clip, O’Neal takes on four jiu-jitsu practitioners for five-minute rounds. Most of the challengers tap out before the end of the round, but at the end, an army veteran who lost his legs on a deployment gets into the cage with O’Neal and gives us a heck of an inspirational and motivational moment.

Check out the video below:


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