BJJ Fanatics Offering Craig Jones’ “Triangle Machine” Video For Free

Photo by: Kitt Canaria

The brick-and-mortar jiu-jitsu gym industry has been hit hard by coronavirus-related shutdowns, but those in the digital side of the community have been stepping up to offer high-quality instructionals, often for free or a heavily discounted price. Technique DVD company BJJ Fanatics has temporarily released a few of their instructionals for free since the start of the pandemic, and their latest giveaway can add another Craig Jones DVD to your collection.

The company announced that it’s now offering Craig Jones’ The Triangle Machine instructional for free, asking only that those who take advantage of the offer tag a friend in the comments of the post.

The instructional normally retails for $97, so you’ll be saving a solid chunk of cash if you download it while the offer is available. It wouldn’t be so bad to come back to the mats with new and improved triangle choke skills.


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