So About Doing That Bulldog Choke Ben Askren Used at UFC 235…

C’mon. You knew there would be a video out in less than 24 hours.

In case you missed it, Ben Askren made his UFC debut on March 2, getting the “W” over Robbie Lawler using the “Bulldog Choke” more commonly seen in catch wrestling. And while there’s some argument about whether Lawler actually was submitted or not, no one’s confused about how this submission can be effective when applied appropriately.

The bulldog choke allows an aggressor to choke/crank from the back without securing the bottom hooks of the RNC, and can work in scrambles where there isn’t time to click the feet into place. As the tutorial points out, it’s appealing as something to transition to especially when a victim is defending the RNC so hard on one side that they leave the other side of their neck vulnerable.

To execute it, first attack the head in a modified headlock with your hand under your opponent’s chin. Work to get your feet and hips in front of their head, then…well, just watch. Points to editor Sonny Brown for being able to recall the last reverse bulldog to make it onto the UFC stage as well:


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