Stop Major Injuries Before They Happen By Tapping On Time To Heel Hooks

Any submission in jiu-jitsu can be dangerous if you don’t tap in time, but heel hooks are some of the most notorious. These submissions can cause serious damage, requiring significant time off from training or even surgery. This risk is made worse by people who think they can power through these submissions or don’t realize just how little time they have to tap before they hear that tell-tale popping in their knee.

Over the weekend, Livia Giles won her place at ADCC with an expertly executed heel hook, and now, her husband, Lachlan, has decided to go through exactly when you should tap to one of these leg locks. Even if you’ve never done (or been on the receiving end of) a heel hook before, this is a must-watch video if you want to stay healthy on the mats.


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