The YouTube Video We’ve All Been Waiting For: Taking Out Big Opponents Via Heel Hook By Lachlan Giles

The most spoken phrase after this year’s ADCC has to be, “I need that Lachlan Giles DVD.” Giles’ fame in grappling skyrocketed to a whole new level over ADCC weekend when he heel hooked jiu-jitsu giants Kaynan Duarte, Patrick Gaudio, and Mahamed Aly to earn bronze in the absolute division. He became everyone’s hero, and suddenly, smaller grapplers everywhere were itching to get their hands on every BJJ Fanatics DVD Giles had put out.

As the “People’s Champion,” though, Giles also has mercy on the peasants among us who can’t afford to drop a bunch of money on one of his DVDs yet. So he released a taste of what his instructionals can offer and gave us all what we’ve been hoping for: a lesson on how to heel hook the big guys. Take a look:


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