This 50/50 Entry Is Witchcraft & I Refuse To Accept Any Other Explanation

Have you ever watched a technique and thought it seemed a little too much like straight-up magic even though you saw how it worked with your very own eyes?

That’s basically what will happen when you watch this K-guard to 50/50 entry by Absolute MMA brown belt and under-77kg Australian Grappling Championship winner Jeremy Skinner. Take a look at this super slick transition and see if you can work this magic on your own teammates!

Jeremy Paul Skinner – BJJ Technique

Love the details on this from Jeremy Paul Skinner! We'll be trying this for sure! Keen to join our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team? Book in for your free trial here: "Here are some details I use for an entry to 50/50 from K-guard. What do you think of this? Does this editing help explaining the technique? Let me know if the comments!" 🎥: Jeremy Paul Skinner #iamabsolutemma

Posted by Absolute MMA St Kilda on Tuesday, January 29, 2019


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