This Might Be The Weirdest Triangle Choke You’ve Ever Seen… But It Works

If you like your triangle chokes with an extra side of “f-you,” then part three of Seth Daniels’ Only Four Moves was created for you.

In the penultimate instructional of the Fight to Win Pro CEO’s technique series, he demonstrates how to get an inverted triangle from the top position. Your opponent will actually tap out while belly-up, probably wondering what the heck just happened and how they let you get away with that.

Take a look at this technique, and don’t forget to watch parts one and two as well.

Part 3 of my "Only 4 Moves Video Series" is my (Reverse Sankaku or Inverted Top Side Triangle Back Crank?) I have been doing this move for 25+ years its super dirty & painful Enjoy 🙂 Please Share!

Posted by Seth Daniels on Monday, May 28, 2018


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