Two Aussies Get Into A Fight On A Train, End With A Hug

Two Aussies got into a fight on a train, but it ended well for both of them.

It all started with an older man scolding a younger man. We’re not exactly sure what he was saying, but there was a fair amount of foul language involved.

The young man eventually got fed up, grabbed the old man by the throat, and began punching him. At point, the young man even tried playing some guard, going for what looked like an armbar. He then transitioned to closed guard before kicking the older man off of him.

Then, things got really weird…but in a good way. The two stopped and began talking. The old man was about to walk away, but then the young man asked him to come over, and the two hugged.

Perhaps we Americans could learn a thing or two from Australia about resolving our differences.

Check out the video below:


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