UFC’s “Mayhem” Miller Sentenced to Year in Prison for Destructive Fit

Photo Credit: @mayhemmiller Instagram

Legally troubled UFC and Strikeforce veteran Jason “Mayhem” Miller–also known as the former host of MTV’s Bully Beatdown–will be taking about a year off from causing a ruckus, it seems. The fighter received a one year prison sentence today for felony vandalism and violating a “stay away” protection order late last year. Miller pled guilty to both charges.

The charges were filed after the Trump-loving, trash talking, social media hamming Mayhem was arrested in October 2018 for entering his ex-girlfriends house and punching holes in her walls, smashing a marble table, and breaking her garage door. The contained rampage violated Miller’s probation, which he was placed on after pleading guilty to domestic abuse in 2017.

In addition to the partner abuse charges–not his first, given the arrest for violating another “stay away” agreement via Snapchat in 2013–Mayhem faced legal consequences early in 2018 when his probation officers found him in illegal possession of firearms, a machete, and some nunchucks during a routine evaluation of the fighter’s home. That violated probation stemmed from a fight with cops outside a Laguna Beach, California, club in 2015 which made it onto the interwebs:

Other major Mayhem legal highlights include his live Tweeting of a standoff with cops in 2014 (when he barricaded himself inside a building to prevent being served with a warrant), and that time in 2012 he was found naked in a vandalized church. (Those church charges were later dropped, for the record.)

Mayhem last fought in 2016 for Venator FC. His record stands at 28-10, and includes victories over major names like Tim Kennedy, Robbie Lawlor, and Kazushi Sukuraba. He most notably lost to Michael Bisping in 2011. Miller was released from the UFC in 2012 following what Dana White called “backstage antics” which the promotion reportedly found unacceptable.


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