VIDEO: Rener Gracie On Self-Defense

In this week’s Gracie Breakdown, Rener Gracie talks about self-defense. He emphasizes, while that self-defense is “100% avoidable” in “99% of situations”, there are those situations where you need to learn how to defend yourself.

Here is how he suggests you do it.

QUESTION: If you HAD to get into a STREET FIGHT and you could ONLY bring 5 techniques with you, which ones would you choose? See Rener's top picks in this great production by The Art of Manliness! If you know anyone who needs jiu-jitsu in their life but doesn't have the courage or motivation to take the first step on the mat, this is definitely the video to share with them!

Posted by Gracie Breakdown on Monday, October 31, 2016


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