Watch Eddie Bravo Introduce Yellow Card Penalties for Stalling at EBI 5

EBI co-founders Vic Davila and Eddie Bravo held a rules meeting this morning after weigh-ins were completed at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. A few key points made during the rules meeting were

  • Introduction of Yellow Cards to prevent competitors from stalling and playing for overtime. Competitors who commit “ridiculous” stalling will be disqualified. There will also be a yellow card used. Whenever a competitor is given a yellow card, he or she will have 15 seconds added to their overtime escape time, which is a factor if both competitors fail to submit each other after three-rounds of overtime, which consists of competitors alternating from back control or top arm arm bar control positions.
  • Competitors must wear rash guards. At EBI 4, Joe Soto didn’t wear a rashguard, which made him more slippery. This advantage will be negated by requiring all competitors to wear a rash guard during their matches. Tank tops and t-shirts won’t cut it. It must be a rash guard.
  • Clarifications on what back control is in overtime. At the 4:30 mark of the video below, Eddie breaks down what constitutes continued back control where the action will continue. The competitor can transition from back control to arm bar, truck position, or lose a hook with control of seat belt control and the action will continue. If the defending competitor is able to go from being back controlled to being controlled in full mount, side control, or bottom half-guard, the action will stop.
  • If you are playing defense in overtime and submit your opponent, you will win. If you are defending the back control in overtime and manage to tap your offensive opponent with an ankle lock when they cross their legs, the match is over and you will win. There is a very small chance this will happen, but Eddie wanted to clarify this rule.

Watch the rules meeting for EBI 5 in the video below.



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