Where To Focus Most Of Your Energy When You Start BJJ

Flickr/Creative common: MartialArtsNomad

We’ve had an influx of new students at my gym over the last several months, and it’s AWESOME! New students means new training partners, and I’m always down for that. Most new students ask how to progress further and faster, but my unwavering answer is to slow it down and just survive.

Surviving was all I did at first (and still do sometimes). My first tournament goal was just not to get tapped out. That may not be the right mindset, but I ended up winning that tournament. The most important lesson I’ve learned in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is that I can’t submit anyone if I can’t protect myself.

This principle applies to cardio as well. We all know that rolling is a different level of cardio exercise than you’ll find anywhere else, so most new students are gassing themselves out after one or two rounds. By the third round, they’re not thinking clearly and are ultimately submitted over and over again. Breath control and calculated movements have always been the name of my game.

What advice do you give new students?


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