You Shall Pass With These Tips From Giant Slayer Lachlan Giles

There are puppies that are less adorably enthusiastic than nicest-black-belt-on-Youtube Bernardo Faria as he discusses the breakout success of ADCC standout Lachlan Giles, who’s been kind enough to spend the last month since his medal-winning run giving hope to the little people of the grappling world.

After showing off some of his favorite chokes earlier this week, Lachlan and Bernardo just released Giles’ tips for helping pass any guard in no-gi. Some of the details are super easy to integrate, like “Hey, stop grabbing your opponents’ knees pointlessly.” Others, like his t-rex arms approach to hand fighting and the last tip in this video, will illuminate new openings for passes you’ll be grateful for.

All hail the Giant Slayer:


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