3 Submissions You Can Do When Rear Mounted

One of the unassailable rules of BJJ is “position before submission,” right?

Not so fast.

There are submissions that one can attack when in an inferior position. But can you actually submit your opponent when you are in the worst position in BJJ?

Yes, you can!

Here are three ways to attack with submissions when your opponent has taken your back.

Knee Bar When You Are Rear Mounted

Professor Isaac Dull teaches how to attack with knee bar while you are rear mounted. Sneaky!

Ankle Lock Against Crossed Ankles In Rear Mount

It is a big BJJ “no no” to cross your ankles in the rear mount. You are vulnerable to your opponent’s own crossed ankle lock.

How to Escape the Rear Naked Choke

If you secure a 2-on-1 wrist control on your opponent’s arm, the elbow is exposed to be locked against your shoulder.

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