A Sex Educator Is Offering Self-Defense And Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes

Sex educator Eileen Kelly and her friend, BJJ black belt Zata Toscano, are offering self-defense classes to teach women self-defense.

Eileen is the founder of the website, Killer and Sweet Thang, which “is a firsthand account of how millennials love and live in an ever-changing digital landscape.” She said that she wanted to take the safe space that her website promotes and expand it into the real world.

According to Kelly:

It’s really important to mentally and physically, just be prepared in case any situation does arise during your life.

She also said that jiu-jitsu, “really allows you to confront somebody who is actually much bigger than you are, which is great, especially for young women.”

The goal of her self-defense classes is not only to teach women to protect themselves, but also give them self-confidence.

The video did not say how often the class meets, though implied it was on Sunday afternoons.

You can check out the video below from NowThis Her.

'Killer And A Sweet Thang' Teaches Women Self-Defense

This young woman wants others to feel safe in the streets — so she is offering self-defense classes to women

Posted by NowThis Her on Monday, April 2, 2018


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