The Advantages Of Attacking The Back From Your Weak Side

The conventional wisdom when it comes to attacking the rear mount is that there is a strong side and a weak side.

The strong side is the side where your arm is over the shoulder if you have a seat belt grip. The logic is that the strong side is the superior side to attack the choke and more difficult for the opponent to escape. The strong side is the best option for the rear naked choke.

This is true, but it is also not the complete story.

There are those who say that the “weak” side offers MORE options for attack. Arm bars, triangles, and bow and arrow chokes are now available on the weak side.

Let’s take a look at two videos that explain the principles and attack options from the weak side back position.

Grapplearts With Rob Biernacki: The Ultimate Guide

Gracie Academy: “Weak side for life!”


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