Alexey Oleynik’s Ezekiel Choke

UFC heavyweight Alexey Oleynik (also spelled “Oleksiy Oliynyk”) has won all but ten of his 52 wins via submission. His latest, of course, came last night at UFC 213 when he tapped Travis Browne with a rear naked choke.

You can read all about it here.

Oleksiy Oliynyk Taps Travis Browne In Second Round

One of the most famous of those 42 submissions was an Ezekiel choke he hit from the bottom during UFC’s Fight Night 103.

How did he pull this submission off? In this video, which is under two minutes long, Kent Peters from ZombieProofBJJ shows how it’s done.

This might be a useful move to add to your arsenal.

Check it out below:


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