Attack of the Giant Squid Guard, By Keenan Cornelius

“IS THIS GUARD TOO STRONG?!” asks clickbait master and BJJ hobbyist Keenan Cornelius in his final hype video heralding the debut of his Lapel Guard Encyclopedia, which “drops” tomorrow.

An evolution of “lapeloplata,” Squid Guard emphasizes knee and leg control. The position continues the use of the lapel grip expounded upon in earlier preview videos and throughout the 9 hours of tutorials that will make up the Encyclopedia. There’s some winding of fabric around legs and tentacle-like grips that are sure to infuriate those who consider themselves above guard playing, and a few new ways to mangle your own feet en route to submissions.

For grapplers with serious back injuries or a devotion to laying down while simulating murder, Squid Guard will feel like that moment post-injury Dr. Strange first discovered magic:


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