Back to the Very Basics With Champion Maker John Danaher

John Danaher’s prodigious skills as a coach and grappling philosopher were very much on display at ADCC last weekend, with proteges like the Ryan Brothers and Garry Tonon demonstrating what’s possible when you combine exceptional athletic ability with exacting, precision technique.

Most of us aren’t going to be invited to a DDS technique powwow at Renzo Gracie’s anytime…well, ever, but fortunately Danaher has been more than happy to bring his approach to everything from shrimping to advances back control for free to the interwebs. His latest installment with Bernardo Faria is a doozy, a surgical breakdown of some of the most fundamental movements we use to make jiu-jitsu.

At 37 minutes, it’s as close to a private lesson as anyone blue belt or under (who isn’t Nick Rodriguez) is likely to get, and essential viewing for high belts looking to take things to the next level:


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