BJJ Blue Belt Detains Shoplifter With Rear Naked Choke

A Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, was able to detain a would-be shoplifter until police arrived using a rear naked choke hold.

Brazilian news outlet Leouve reports that on February 5, 26-year-old Patricia Melo saw the alleged robber running from security guards near her house. She says that her “reaction” was to hold and immobilize him until the police arrived. As it turned out, the man had stolen two boxes of candy (worth about $20 USD) from a chocolate shop and avoided the security guards until Melo was able to apprehend him.

Leouve reports that Melo has been training for about two years and has achieved the rank of blue belt; the UAEJJF website has a competitor matching her description listed under the Alliance Mario Reis affliation.


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