Man Chokes Mountain Lion To Death After Being Attacked

Image Source: National Parks Service via Wikipedia

A trail runner in Colorado very literally performed a mata leão after he was attacked by a mountain lion.

NPR reports that the unnamed man was running in Horsetooth Mountain Park when he turned around after hearing a noise. He was then attacked by the young mountain lion, receiving “serious, but not life-threatening” injuries that included bites to the face and wrist. The jogger, however, was able to fight back and ultimately killed the animal with his bare hands.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Northeast Region examined the lion and confirmed the man’s report that it was killed via suffocation. The man was able to get himself to a hospital, where he is now recovering.

Park officials report that there have been under twenty mountain lion attacks that have killed humans in the past century. Although there are between 3,000 and 7,000 in the state of Colorado, sightings are rare because of their elusive nature. However, running away from the predators can trigger their instincts that tell them to chase their prey. The parks service recommends responding to mountain lion encounters by facing the animal and making yourself look as big as possible by raising your arms.


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