Is BJJ Enough For Self-Defense Or MMA

Is BJJ enough for self-defense or MMA?

This is one of those questions that has plagued practitioners of all martial arts. When most people walk into a martial arts gym or dojo, they want to know how well they will be able to defend themselves if they are attacked in the street.

With the growing popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA), many people also want to know how well an art will help them if they ever work up the courage to set foot in the cage.

This video from The Grappling Academy addresses some of those questions.

How well do you think BJJ prepares someone for a street fight or MMA?


  1. He’s uses self-defense and street fight interchangeably. WRONG. He doesn’t even mention weapons…which are in play for real. Sport BJJ, and even BJJ ain’t enough bro, even if you add in striking and wrestling…

  2. hahahahahah!!! The gracies themselves dont agree with this guy!who would you take advice from this guy or the originators of the system?


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