Chaining Attacks Together

The more advanced your opponent, the less likely a single, straightforward attack will be successful. Royler Gracie says that the defense is always faster and easier than the attack. A blue or purple knows what you are trying to do and will quickly put up a strong defense.

Advanced submission strategy is attacking in submission chains – linking together submission attacks as your opponent defends the initial attack.

The good news for the jiu-jitsu fighter is that your opponent’s movements are largely predictable. That means that you can prepare a follow-up attack when the opponent gets out of your initial attack.

These are what I like to call “classic combinations” of basic techniques that capitalize on our instinctive reactions. Remember: when your opponent closes one door, they usually leave another door open.

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite submission chains linking three common attacks together.

Ask yourself the question “When my opponent escapes my first submission, which secondary attack do they expose themselves to?”

What submissions do you chain together in your BJJ game?


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