Comparison Video Shows How Training Jiu-Jitsu For “Sport” Can Be Used In The Streets

It’s an age-old argument in jiu-jitsu: is “sport” jiu-jitsu really applicable in a practical setting, such as a street fight?

People have debated the issue for years, arguing that the way athletes use jiu-jitsu in tournaments can (or can’t) be applied to real self-defense scenarios. While the use of techniques like berimbolos in a street fight may be questionable, we’ve seen time and time again that many other techniques we learn in jiu-jitsu are extremely practical off the mats.

Now, Reddit user u/patmcc73 has posted a comparison video showing how kids who compete in jiu-jitsu can use what they’ve learned outside of a gym setting, whether that’s defending themselves from a schoolyard bully or in an even more dangerous setting. Keenan Cornelius himself shared it on his Instagram, and you can check it out here:


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