EBI 6 Will Be Live Streamed on UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight PASS has added sixth edition of The Eddie Bravo Invitational and GLORY SuperFight to its digital streaming service. Eric Winter, UFC Senior Vice-President and UFC FIGHT PASS General Manager, made the announcement this afternoon at a UFC media event in Los Angeles. Winter said:

“We are proud to announce our new partnerships with the GLORY kickboxing and EBI Brazilian jiu-jitsu organizations. This is a huge development for FIGHT PASS. We haven’t just added some kickboxing and some BJJ to FIGHT PASS – we partnered with leaders in both sports. GLORY has established itself as the pinnacle of world kickboxing while EBI leads the way in exciting, fast-paced submission grappling. Both of these organizations are tremendous additions to FIGHT PASS.”

EBI creator Eddie Bravo said: “The UFC FIGHT PASS partnership is nothing short of a dream come true. UFC is responsible for the explosion of popularity for BJJ around the world, and having EBI on UFC’s digital streaming service is the perfect fit for us. I am incredibly confident that MMA and jiu-jitsu fans will love the full-throttle entertainment EBI is going to deliver on UFC FIGHT PASS.”

BREAKING NEWS: Eddie Bravo Invitational to stream LIVE on #UFCFIGHTPASS starting April 24!

A photo posted by UFC Fight Pass (@ufcfightpass) on Feb 11, 2016 at 4:04pm PST

The first EBI submission grappling event to live stream on FIGHT PASS will be EBI 6 on Sunday April 24 from Los Angeles. There will be five live EBI events on FIGHT PASS in 2016, and previous EBI action will available on FIGHT PASS immediately.

Winter said: “BJJ legend Eddie Bravo is well-known to UFC fans, having trained dozens of UFC athletes over the years and also having served as a UFC broadcaster on occasion. What Eddie has been doing with his EBI events over the last couple of years is make BJJ accessible to MMA fans. EBI uses the same weight-classes as we do in the UFC, and the rules are set up to encourage athletes to be very aggressive and go for submissions from start to finish. The result is an exciting product that I know our loyal FIGHT PASS customers are going to love.”

Winter was in attendance for the second edition of The Eddie Bravo Invitational back in October 2014. The third to fifth EBI events were streamed lived through Budo Videos. Bravo recently announced EBI 6 would be relocated from Mexico City to Los Angeles. EBI 6 is a 16-man open weight division tournament featuring some of the biggest names in the grappling community including

  • Garry Tonon
  • Eddie Cummings
  • Andre Galvao
  • Dean Lister
  • Yuri Simoes
  • Cyborg Abreu
  • Vinny Magalhaes
  • Boogieman Martinez


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