Four Simple Steps To One Sneaky Closed Guard Armbar

Nothing says “dog days of summer” like a good guard-pulling assault technique  –because who doesn’t love getting the job done while reclining? — so cheers to Sidanii Bell for breaking down a slick armbar suitable for aggressive technicians and lazy August armadillos alike.

Bell visited Hong Kong’s Espada Jiu Jitsu to bring us this edition of his “One Minute Technique” collection, and the results are so easy to drill and incorporate into your own practice you can probably work it out on the floor at home if you’d like to spring it on your favorite training partner as an end of summer surprise. There’s a simple sleeve grip from closed guard, a transition to an armpit grip, a hint of a cross-choke, the legs bump up and boom, you’ve got it. Watch Bell and brown belt Robinho break it down for you below:


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