Upgrade Your Armbar Game With These Two Sneaky Submissions

You can’t level up to the next belt by going for the RNC every time a training partner or opponent turtles up. Fortunately, black belt Charles Haymon of New State Fitness made this easy guide to two killer submissions you can pull out of your pocket next time someone goes all potato bug on you.

First, master the sneaky but tricky turtle armbar Haymon demonstrates up front. (Hint: Success is all about which direction your opponent’s thumb is pointing.) Once you and your partner are good and limbered up, you can move on to this more advanced rolling reverse omoplata, aka “The Yadviga,” which is a marriage of BJJ and Sambo. Start drilling today and next weekend’s open mat attendees won’t know what hit them.

Some straight 🔥 from Prof. Charles Haymon!

Posted by Ray Lopez on Saturday, August 25, 2018


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