Get The Abs Of The Dragon With This Bruce Lee-Inspired Workout

Okay, real talk: If you’ve been elbows deep in undistributed Halloween snack packs for the last two weeks, it’s going to take more than this next video to transform a trashbelly into the wall of sacred geometry that was Bruce Lee’s cubed up core.

But if you’ve got just a liiiiiittle muffin top when you pull up those spats, or you’re looking to wreck parts of your core that shrimping and partner drills stopped making ache months ago, this Lee-inspired workout from the guys at Tapp Brothers and MMA Columbia is a knockout. It’s not just a vanity effort either. Cultivating lower abdominal strength can elevate your BJJ offense and defense, strengthening your tolerance to knee on belly and building a better foundation for guard, throws, and transitions.

Dragon flags, L-sits, hollow body rocks, and tucked planches make this 4-minute circuit a viciously effective part of your conditioning routine which if you check this here can learn. Just don’t forget to balance it out with upper abdominal work, like planks and chops, and enough cardio to melt the seasonal Milky Way Darks off your FUPA:


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