Good Samaritan Puts Thief In Rear Naked Choke

If I told you a shopper took down a suspected thief with an epic rear naked choke, you might be forgiven for thinking I was telling you about the last action movie I saw.

But that is exactly what happened in real life in Kalihi, Hawaii!

According to a report from hawaiinewsnow, 22-year old Micah Manzano and his pregnant girlfriend saw a man go into a pharmacy. The man looked suspicious, and the two soon realized he had his eyes on the cash register.

Before the thief was able to get away or do any harm, though, Manzano put his grappling skills to good use, apprehending the thief and holding him helpless until the police arrived.

Manzano was rewarded with an ice cream for his heroic efforts, but he was more satisfied with the fact that he helped his community by apprehending a criminal.

The rear naked choke hold is one of the most effective martial arts moves there is, allowing the victim to be immobilized from the rear.

It’s best left to the experts, though. If you see a thief in action, call the police.

You can watch Manzano’s heroic deed here.


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