Gordon Ryan and Fabricio Werdum Will Slap Each Other Around In Mexico

Black belt heavyweights Gordon Ryan and Fabricio Werdum will meet in Monterry, Mexico, on February 22nd for a combat jiu-jitsu superfight as part of the CJJ Fight Night tournament.

The event will also feature ADCC champ Vinny Magalhaes as part of the four man superbracket of fighters.

Fight Night marks “King Ryan’s” combat jiu-jitsu debut, continuing the ADCC champ’s trajectory toward a full MMA matchup and giving fans preview of the striking he’s been training as part of his move out of submission-only combat.

Combat jiu-jitsu is a marriage of grappling and open hand strikes. Palm strikes signifying places where more devastating elbows or punches could have been placed.

Let the social media smack talk begin.


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