Gordon Ryan Taps Vagner Rocha Via RNC To Win EBI Welterweight Title

Danaher Death Squad member and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Gordon “The King” Ryan has a third Eddie Bravo Invitational title he can put up over his fire place.  As if winning the EBI Open Weight and Middleweight titles weren’t enough, King Ryan can now proclaim to his kingdom that he is the new EBI Welterweight Champion.

Ryan took on Vagner Rocha (of “This is Sparta” fame) in the finals of the EBI Welterweight Championships. The king immediately sat to guard and scooted after Rocha, who wanted to stay on his feet.

Gordon utilized his butterfly guard skills to stop Rocha from passing. As could be expected, he then went after the legs.

Rocha successfully wriggled his way out of Ryan’s leg lock attempts, though a couple of them looked close.

Both fighters made their way up to their feet, and Gordon took Vagner’s back. The fight went back down to the mat, and King Ryan tried to dig his arms in under Rocha’s neck. He couldn’t get them in under the chin, but it didn’t matter. Ryan’s arms were so tight around Vagner’s face that he had no choice but to tap.

Winner by submission (RNC) in Round 1, and NEW EBI Welterweight Champion: Gordon “The King” Ryan!!!


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