3 Sneaky Strangles

This article might be one that you don’t want to share with your BJJ training partners. At least, you might not want to share it until you have had a chance to try to catch your training partners with these sneaky chokes!

All of these chokes have an element of subterfuge, which makes an unpleasant surprise for your opponent!

Check them out below:

Baseball Bat Choke From The Bottom

Step Over Choke Using The Lapel

Paper Cutter Choke

Hit me up with a PM if any of these worked for you!


  1. I love the step-over choke. I’ve had some success with a variation where, rather than actually pulling the lapel under the shoulder, I’ll get a basic collar grip (thumb-in, remaining fingers out) on the opposite side of my side control, pull that tight to lock my wrist against the carotid on my near-side, then step over and straighten my ankle against the far-side carotid. Honestly, it’s not quite as secure as using the lapel grip you show here (which I’ll definitely be trying), but it’s a very sneaky variation that can, at times, get a quick tap from an opponent.


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