GRAPHIC: This Is Why You Need To Train Breakfalls

Does your gym regularly practice breakfalls? If not, it should, and this street fight posted on the Facebook page Jason SuperStar-Stone shows exactly why.

The video starts out with a shirtless young man pacing around in the street and ready to fight. Rap music is playing.

Shortly after, another man gets out of a car. He removes his shirt and the other man points at him in a “I want to fight you” type gesture.

The two go at it, throwing wild punches at each other. One of them goes for a double leg takedown but transitions to a spinning body lock. His opponent makes the mistake of putting his hand down, and the momentum and the other guy’s body weight causes his arm to snap backwards.

“Chill, chill, chill,” says one of the men off camera.

“I broke my arm, I broke my arm,” says the guy with the broken arm. He sounds eerily calm.

His opponent gets off of him and the guys watching gasp as they see his arm bent backwards.

“I got to go to the hospital, man,” he tells one of them.

The video stops shortly after.

You can watch it in its entirely below.  Afterwards, go train your breakfalls.

Posted by Jason Christopher Lyles on Thursday, May 25, 2017



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