Here’s A Jiu-Jitsu Based Tactic Law Enforcement Officers Can Use To Pull Suspects From Vehicles

Although everyone hopes that physical force is never necessary when law enforcement officers have to deal with suspects, the reality is that sometimes, cops need to exercise force to get aggressive suspects to comply.

This video from Jay Wadsworth demonstrates how to use the basic principles of a head-arm choke to control a suspect when pulling them from a vehicle. If properly executed, both the police officer and the suspect are much more likely to remain unharmed throughout the encounter.

Shoulder pin restraint for extraction from cars , cells , bus, planes , or as a takedown to knee on top ! Safety tactics always in place: never reaching in when keys are in and always have cover in place! @varley_michael @hf1465 @c4c_operator

Posted by Jay Wadsworth on Tuesday, May 8, 2018


  1. Sorry but I disagree! You have your rib cage open for strikes with a knife or even a pen that maybe on the console, God forbid they may have a screwdriver just nearby…


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