Turn Your Opponent’s Knee-On-Belly Into A Heel Hook Opportunity For You

Getting knee-on-bellied sucks, but you can get your revenge by using it as an opportunity for a slick leglock entry.

In this video, Josh Leduc demonstrates how to execute this transition, giving a shout-out to Ethan Hendricks and Ian Murray for using it in their own games. Try it out for yourself and enjoy scaring people away from ever putting their knee on your abdomen again.

Here's a breakdown of @e_hhdrx4bjj entry from bottom knee on belly. @ianmurray1997 does this as well.Big key here is to knee your opponent in the butt to off balance them. Elbows in when you frame on the hips. You can roll either way when you have the lace, but I prefer to roll this way. @leg_locker @footlockfire @leglock_library @brandonmc.ninja #LegLocks #LegLocker #BJJ #SubOnly

Posted by Josh "Star-Lord" Leduc on Monday, September 24, 2018


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