How To Bring Someone To The Ground With A Rear Naked Choke (Even If They’re Taller Than You)

Yesterday, a viral video showed a scary (and graphic) fight that took place at Disneyland. Security was nowhere to be found for the majority of the incident, and when one particularly aggressive participant turned on a woman in the group and began punching her and pulling her hair, it took the effort of multiple bystanders to finally subdue him. One of the heroic bystanders managed to sink in a rear naked choke on the aggressor, which put him out just long enough to get the situation partially under control.

You can watch the video of the incident here:

Now, Rener and Eve Gracie have released a Gracie Breakdown video demonstrating how you could bring down someone taller than you if you were forced into a situation like this. While it’s obviously best to avoid physical altercations at all, this information could be crucial if it came down to defending yourself or someone else against someone much bigger than you. Best of all, the technique demonstrated is designed to keep both you and the recipient of the choke as safe as possible until help arrives.


Even though it’s super hard to watch it represents the shocking realities of violence, even in the least likely of places. At the end Eve demonstrates the intervention choke with a few extra details. Bottom line: learn jiu-jitsu. Free Women's Self-defense Seminar this weekend in Torrance at at select schools around the world:

Posted by Gracie Breakdown on Wednesday, July 10, 2019


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