Khabib Breaks Down His Leg Mount Position From UFC 229

If you missed newly notorious UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov’s matchup against Michael Jonson at UFC 205, then last night’s fight against Conor McGregor may be the first time you’ve witnessed the sambo/wrestling specialist’s novel approach to post-takedown mounted control. (That thing where he was sitting on both of Conor’s legs.)

While it’s not uncommon in Sambo and Greco that seated figure four “broomstick,” or “leg mount,” is not something we’re used to seeing a lot of in grappling. There are certainly more practical ways to work your way up an oppenent’s body, but this one is useful in BJJ because most people don’t instinctively know how to get out of it, which can give you a little extra time to set up a miserable submission. Also, according to Khabib, you can “drink a cup of tea” once you’re in position.

This mount is especially useful for the combat BJJ practitioners however, because of how well it sets up striking from the top.

UFC tested, Nurmagomedov approved.


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