Lachlan Giles On How To Annihilate Your Opponent From Side Control

Hate it when someone literally strong arms you out of dominance in side control with a well-placed elbow? Let Australian black belt and international medal collector Lauchlan Giles of Absolute MMA St. Kilda break down a few ways to technique your way to a submission.

Crushing the frame is a matter of thoughtful (read: not sloppy) arm control, which Giles breaks down in beautiful detail. That can mean getting the line of the opponent’s elbow beyond your hip while passing their frame, keeping your top pressure close, or even bringing your hips onto the opponent’s wrist to break apart an extra tight frame. Do this right and you’ll find yourself set up to wreck the neck via choke or triangle from the top. Appreciation points awarded to Giles for just how good the instruction on this one is.


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