Rehab Your Calf Sliced Achilles Tendon In Under 5 Minutes

Ankle locks, heel hooks, and calf slicers are boss moves to master but miserable to walk off after they’ve happened to you. Even the process of drilling them safely in class can lead to inflammation in the tissues surrounding the ankle, which over time progresses into nagging injuries like tendonitis, recurrent sprains, and that foot pain that you’re not actually passing off as a pimp limp.

Rather than screaming like a goat whenever you feel a forearm slipping around your calf, take a few minutes after training to follow Dr. Nicholas Nguyen’s guide to treating and preventing tendonitis. It may seem too simple, but a little cartilage/collagen manipulation plus stretching can go a long way in reducing pain. Plus it prevents acute injury and more chronic conditions like arthritis.

If these massages and stretches are excruciating, put down the pills and call a licensed sports therapist for a consult. Some things are best not learned from YouTube.



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